25+ The Reality of Living On a Bus

At all times make certain the bus is locked whenever you exit or once you enter! When it makes a stop, like at a truck stop for instance, let someone know when you are leaving the bus. All I have is inside this bus. The number of items you’ll be able to lose in a 200-square-foot school bus is really amazing.

Granted rush hour here in KC isn’t too bad when compared to a far bigger city like Atlanta. Make it a wonderful day everyone! Then, nobody knew who I was or cared about what I had been doing.

The answers to the questions will help you whenever you commence converting your bus and choosing a budget. The answers to these questions are likely to help you plan how fast you want to finish your skoolie. Obviously, you understand that this answer will directly influence the layout of your bus. The response to this question will let you know what sort of power source you will need, how big a fresh water tank you may want to search for, and if you’re going to want an alternate supply of power. Most significantly, keep in mind that you were hired as a skilled and you need to conduct yourself as such.

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