50+ Wonderfull Moon Phase Magic First Quarter Moon

After the moon is in the waning gibbous it is a superb time to set intentions for things you wish to stop or eliminate. It is considered one of the most powerful forces to affect magical energy. For this reason, you can expect emotional upheaval during a complete moon and if you’re normally sensitive to full moons, it’s recommended to avoidworking with Moonstone in this phase. The new moon is an excellent time to cleanse your residence. The very first quarter moon is a time if we are most likely to want to take action as there is a high energy level in the air.

When preparing for setting intentions, you will want to take a little time and think of what your objectives are, particularly for the particular moon phase and crystal you’re using. It’s the period of regeneration and new beginnings. It’s an opportunity to assemble the resources you will need to accomplish your targets and set the first steps of your plans into motion. It’s an opportunity to release and continue on, an opportunity to be open and flexible. There are those who say that it’s ill-advised to work magic currently. Also referred to as the disseminating moon, which means to disperse, now’s the opportunity to place your energy outward. Due to this, it’s important to pick the suitable time for setting intentions in your crystals.


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