60+ Wonderfull Image of Triglav National Park, here’s what you should know

The walk itself is not so difficult, it’s suitable also for kids and elderly men and women, provided they are in good physical condition. Every time a national park covers 880 square kilometers, it’s tricky to choose what to do, particularly if you’re constrained in time. Now you know where to stay and what things to do, Triglav National Park is simply a ticket away! It is the sole national park in Slovenia, so you need to include it upon your sightseeing list if you enjoy hiking, mountains, and nature. You may also climb until the hill with Ptuj Castle towering over the town.

Medieval towns including Skofja Loka and Ptuj are a lovely sight, with Ptuj being the nation’s oldest city. The city is quite famous for its community thermal spa. If you fancy getting from the city, there’s almost no limit to what you could do.

The summer months are the very best times to hike Triglav National Park, especially if you’re not that experienced. Summer time is ideal for a boat trip. Among the ideal time to pay a visit to Ptuj is during its 11 days long worldwide carnival that’s among the biggest events in Slovenia. The place is full of a distinctive fabulous atmosphere. It’s important to remain alert when driving. The interesting truth is that the mountain is a real national symbol and it’s featured on the national coat of arms and the flag. Mind that if you get to the top it is just half way done.

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